As some of you may know I am taking an extended hiatus from posting songs and poems, not because I don't get enough crits as I said in the Questions Thread (I was just frustrated and tired when I said that) but for the other reason I said. I feel I am not writing my songs anymore. I had subtle nuances in my songs before I came here but now I can't find them in my newer work. I had my own little way of writing and conveying ideas but since I've come here, I've become influenced by others and that was not my intention, so I will cease posting my whatnots on here but I will be around, mainly for things concerning voting and that ilk. I'll still be around in the Questions thread now and again as well.

But for now, consider this the last piece you'll see of me for the next few months.

I remember being told once
Cold stones break bones
And everywhere the horsemen went
Death was sure to follow
But not even the Gods
Can influence their wayward son

But I must leave for a while at least
Because I can hear the lost souls of Elysium
Calling for their forgotten one
The morning came and went
The afternoon flew by me
Now as the evening drags on
I am the voice for Heavens sent

Just once, somewhere far away
When the day broke and dissipated
The smoke snaked through the clouds
To the dark sky far beyond
Old cold stones break bones
But I must wait my turn
For it is not now
And I can?t see it come for some time to come

So I sit here wounded and lonely
Waiting for the day to make my final stand
Just give me a hand
So you can understand

Cold stones break bones
Or so they say
But not even the Gods
Can save their wayward son

Cold stones break bones, cold words destroy souls, cold hearts kill lives. These are the three maxims I acknowledge and with these three maxims, I live. Warm stones don?t break bones, they heal them. Warm words rebuild souls and warm hearts heal lives. If you cannot see this then I fear you are living the wrong life, traversing down the wrong road. Or just travelling the wrong way. Regardless, I am going down my own road once more to somewhere else. What is it called? I don?t know. Where is it? Not a clue. Is it hope? Perhaps. Is it salvation? I suppose it could be. Is it enlightenment? I can almost guarantee it.

Warm hearts heal lives, and with my warm pen in my warm hand I may heal my life again and heal my soul once more. Cold stones break bones, but it is not I who holds those cold stones, nor is it I who has the power to break bones. That power, and those cold stones, rest plainly in your cold palms.

I can feed the judgment
I can fan the flames
I can spread my name
And I can lay the blame
You can write your thoughts
You can feed my passion
You can right my wrongs
But you can?t break my bones

My friends
AWESOME i thouhgt that song was really good ! but there again im not anthony kiedis or sir paul mcartney but i'm saying its good!
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I really enjoyed reading this song. I thought the language you used was very beautiful and that the rhyme scheme was very unique. I can't find anything wrong with it. You will be missed, but this is a more than worthy swansong.

Crit mine please

That was just, um, it was fantastic. I know the whole feeling and, although I have a vague idea of the meaning, I know you and know that there is something hidden in there but I can't work out just what it is. Fantastic, my friend.
amazing story/poem/song.
its a good message. it uplifted me a bit i must say.
i know the feeling in the last half as well.