Hey UG.

I ordered a new Vintage Metal Axxe Reaper guitar, and I was wondering where the hell I could put it, as I only have one guitar stand, and it's for a guitar that has more than two small spikes to rest on (a.k.a. it was bought at the same time as my Squier Strat). I don't have a hardcase, but I have a gig bag. I was thinking of trying to persuade my dad let me hammer a guitar wall holder into my wall, but I'm not holding my breath. So should I just stick it in the gigbag at night? Or can someone name a good idea that won't cost too much, as I already owe around £60 to my dad for buying the guitar in the first place.

Any ideas appreciated.
He's right. All my stands are hercules. Very good quality stands, not too expensive. Although with a guitar like that it may require some looking into. For now, the bag should be fine as long as its in a sensible position (ie lying down in a safe place, so that the headstock is not taking too much of the weight).
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Look up hercules stands.

Wow i need glasses. I actually thought that said "Give it to hurcules" lol

If you can't afford a case right now, a stand would do fine.
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