Hey guys,
Here is a cover of (the Hendrix version of) All Along the Watchtower. I've recorded myself (low budget) playing backing acoustic, lead electric and vocals. I learned the basic chord pattern for acoustic and improvised more than 90% of the electric stuff. I know I'm not a brilliant guitarist and as you can tell, I'm NOT a singer, but hopefully you'll like the cover anyway
Any constructive criticism would be great.

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Holy Crap.

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Guitar is VERY sloppy....my advice is to practice this song alot more before posting it....no point in posting a song you cant play....but its still a good effort.... Vocals were decent just keep practicing champ...
Haha, yeah man, I know it's sloppy. I didn't learn the song first, like I said mostly improv. You're right though, it's worth learning it better and tidying up.
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Holy Crap.

I love you more than life itself.
yea good job tho man, yea guitar is sloppy but ull get better at that, vocals not to bad ether but with practice u will see improvments...good job
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Ehh...that wasn't too good man. Sorry, I mean the intro was way off, your bends were off key and stuff. Keep practicing though.
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im working on same song... yours seems completely different from jimi's (was this puposely?), your tone is interesting though... did you tune a step down like in jimi's version?
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Nope. Unfortunately I had to tune to the backing track, which I'm pretty sure is out. Tone is something that is frustrating because I can't do much to control it. I have a guitar that I picked up for $50 AUD (that's $38 for your Americans) and I record off a practice amp that only has Bass, Mid Treble, Volume, and an overdrive BUTTON. That's aside from the fact that my mic was $5 or so. Ah well, enough bitching. The intro was out because I learned a tiny bit of it and made up more based on what I thought sounded cool.
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Holy Crap.

I love you more than life itself.
Your improv doesnt really match the song. Maybe learn some other jimi licks and put ur own spin on them, then throw them in appropreatly.

Was a Good effort on vocals tho. I like it when ppl at least try to put vocals in even if they suck.(which yours didnt) If you practise more i think you could own this song vocaly.(seriously)

Rythm guitar was chill, but lead didnt do it for me. Might be that i just have more of an ear for blues guitar, im not sure... but i didnt like it.
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Well, it wasn't so bad as it seems when reading those commentaries, the only problem is that you should practise more the guitar improvizing, but you are doing it really good, just give yourself some time and you will be able to do really nice things with ur guitar.

And about the intro, I liked your tune version. Am I the only one? hope not

Good job, keep working!