Crit while i listen...

First up.. good recording quality. Maybe too much effects? The "Gggsshhhhh" sounds a little too digitised. Love the lyrics, lol, and the vocals are good. Great harmonies. Good catchy tune. Perfect it a little more and then spread it.. lol, everyone loves pay-out-emo songs.

oooo .. good solo, I like the tone. Gets a little bit messy with the vibrato, keep it but try and clean it up a little? though it does work still.

Good work all round.

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Thanks for the crit.

The ggsshh sound... yeah, I'm not too happy with it, I was going for the tremelo guitar effect a la Pink Floyd's 'Money'... but my friend commented it sounds more like a dodgy printer, and I have to agree :P

"the vocals are good. Great harmonies" haha thanks, I know my voice is pretty crap so I try to cover it with a ton of reverb. Guess it worked :P

I didn't really spend too long recording it... 30 mins or so I guess. I'll probably do a better version at some point.

I'll check out your song now
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Yikes. That's like playing an elephant.