ive just bought a protools package to start my "studio" in a room in my house it came with the mbox 2 condenser mics and a shure sm7b i need to know a good set of moniters to get, and what is the best program for making drum beats and what not? also what is a good rack equalizer i can get im planning getting the line 6 pod for a preamp to record with
I've heard, and I tried it out for myself, that FL studio 6, or better known as fruity loops is a great program for drum beats
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Monitors - Yorkville YSM1's. Best bang for the buck. Very good monitors.

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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im getting a package of musicans friend due to lack of funds it comes with m audio moniters mxl mics mic stands and headphones, about the fruity loops drum beats, is it hard to write say death metal style drumming or anything iv never used a drum beat machine before.