I own a Squier California-series tele and I'm thinking of painting white over the guitar's three-tone sunburst. How should I go about it?

Alternatively, I could trade it in for an exact same guitar except in Creme but it'd take me ages to find one.
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Painting is damn difficult to get perfect, and takes a lot of time, were talking weeks here. At least thats what they told me. So try to trade it..
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well if it comes with pick, I say get it!
If ur gonna paint the guitar, i think u shud practice on an old £95 guitar before u try it on ur telly, that's if u like everything else about the guitar.

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Don't paint over sunburst you f*cking loony! Is my opinion, but there you go.

I think really you need to sand the paint off, re-paint, re-finish. Long job. If you don't then you'll end up having to put on so many layers of white to cover the original paint that your guitar will be about an inch thicker by the end.
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He could probably get away with roughing up the existing finish, priming, and painting. Even if it got wrecked we're talking about a Squier, no great loss.

Personally I'd look to trade for a different color than go through the work of paint.
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To mirror what was posted above, yes, bursts are sexy ...but, if you really want a change of looks and want to re-paint, I've found the 2 websites below extremely useful:

ReRanch 101 - Finishing


Project Guitar - Finishing

I assembled and re-finished a Fender Strat in 4 days, just to see if I could do it. But then, I also made sure that the days I'd be working on it were sunny. You can do it and should go for it. It's one color so it shouldn't be too complicated.

Basic/major steps:

1. Scuff sand the entire thing with 220 grit sandpaper. Make sure you remove all the clearcoat and hit the colorcoat.
2. Spray with sander/sealer/primer, your base coat. Wait 3 hours, wetsand with 400.
3. Repeat #2 above.
4. After 3 hours, spray your colorcoat .... whatever White you choose.
5. Wait 3 hours, wetsand with 1000.
6. Repeat #5, twice .... waiting 3 hours before sanding AND using 1500 for the wetsanding, then 2000 for the final wetsanding.
7. Clearcoat, wetsand 2000, 3x/day, for 3 days.
8. Wait a month for the coats to cure, then buff/polish with 3M Finesse-It II, available at marine or surf shops.

BTW, the choice of sandpaper grit is entirely my own, a preference. For my 2nd Strat build, I kept the painting to a minimum thickness, and only cleared once. Didn't want to get a thick coat, etc. This also allowed me to finish the project in 4 days. Check my sig

You can do it and should do it! Good Luck!