anyone here like Van Morrison? I think hes awsome, but i only have 1 cd of his, moondance, anyone know any other good albums by him?
Van Morrison is ****ing brilliant.

A couple of his other remarkably good albums are...

Astral Weeks
Tupelo Honey

However, almost anything you listen to by Van is going to be brilliant. He's an excellent songwriter, and his voice is beautiful.
One of the greatest singers in my opinion.

Astral Weeks is his best album by miles. I listen to the whole thing almost every day.

Gotta love Caravan, such a classic.
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Into The Mystic has been my favorite song since i started playing guitar. Van pwns nubs.
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GET ASTRAL WEEKS RIGHT NOW. Absolutely his best by far. Nobody is supposed to be allowed to sing like that. Nobody.

Unfortunately he is a drunken Irish fool these days, I've heard his new concerts are almost unintelligible.

BUT (nothing against the man, I still love him) if you don't have Astral Weeks, you are a failure. So get it.
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I just found Moondance on vinyl cleaning out my grandparents' barn. I stumbled upon a stash of records from my aunts and uncles and made out like a bandit.
Listen to mah discs.


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yeah astral weeks is great
also check out "Them" i got it just the other day and its brilliant

but get astral weeks, its brilliant
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I've only got the Best Of album... I really should listen to it more. Though when I first listened to it I didn't think it was that great.

Though of course, I liked Brown Eyed Girl and Gloria... lol. The rest of it was just "meh" to me. Not really my favourite style of music.

Though my taste has changed since I've listened to it, so many now I'd like it more....
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I like Van Morrison. Funny story, I read "No One Here Gets Out Alive" and when Van met Jim at some bar the two talked for like 5 hours and swore they were related somehow. Drunks. But I love their music.
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Astral weeks is great for durrellizing to.
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Have Best Of and Moondance albums. Van is great.

Influenced AC/DC, btw. On the Jailbreak album, they covered "Baby Please Don't Go" which was originally by Van Morrison fronted band called Them. Them also did Gloria..... yeah..... Gloria.... and then listen to Jailbreak. hehehehehehehe.... Obvious relationship there.

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I thought you were talking about Van Halen
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