how often should you change you strings on you bassguitar??
my brother has used the same strings 3 yeats now and finaly they broke
on a regular guitar you should change string every month too get the best sound but how oftenb is it on a bass??
anybody know??
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Um, i still have the same string from nearly 17 months ago when i first bought a bass guitar.
I wanna buy some new strings. Dunno which. The music i play is metal, but i also play a bit of funk as well.
ur thought on changin the guitar every month is incorrect... some guitarists prefer the tone and sound of old strings...
i understand that you can play a set of strings for a while...but i had the same strings on my bass for like 5 months and after playing live on 'em for that duration they were dead as crap. it made a WORLD of dfference when i got new ones about four weeks ago. but 3 YEARS?!? i don't see how a desireable sound could possibly come out of strings like that.
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It's all preference. It depends on how many hours you practice, how hard you play, etc. Some people love the sounds of new strings so they change them every week or two of hard playing, some love old strings so they just leave them. There really is no magic number of weeks/months to change your strings. When they sound too crappy to you, change em up.