I'm trying out recording direct with a POD XT. Can anyone give me some feedback as to the quality of the sound? The playing sucks. I just need some sound feedback

I have fooled around w/ some settings and have some new sound checks if you can give me some feedback.

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yeah i second that its pretty bad
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I think you sound quailty and tone are both bad. Or maybe the sound quailty is making your tone sound bad.
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try showing us the clean tone.... its hard to tell quality with distortion on
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What could make the sound quality better? Currently I'm using a POD XT to record direct. I thought the POD was supposed to crank out some decent quality.

What do you guys use?
I know your problem! You have the fizzy soounding tones going on, whacha do is either turn down your distortion or my personal favorite is using the Analog Chorus - do this by setting the speed around 10-20, depth at 0, and the mix to 100%, You should notice a big difference
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