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El Codyo is correcto, use the search button next time, there are thousands of these threads already!! Anyway, some sort of Custom Firebird for me
Current Rig:
Gibson Firebird Studio
Limited Edition Schecter 35th Anniversary C-1
Schecter Jeff Loomis Signature 7 FR
Ashdown Fallen Angel
Custom 7 Firebird from Ignition Custom Guitars (check them out)
ESP Phoenix

B.C Rich Custom Made By Me In Photoshop CS2

Custom Made Explorer Made By Me In Photoshop CS2

Now for realistic guitars:
Gibson Les Paul Standard
Gibson Les Paul Custom
Gibson SG Supreme (24 Fret Neck)
Dave Mustaine Jackson King V
Dave Mustaine ESP DV-8 V
Music Man John Petrucci 7 String
Ibanez RG1570
Ibanez RG2550
Ibanez RG550 (1991)
Steve Vai Jem777
Steve Vai Universe 7
Steve Vai Bad Horsie Jem
Joe Satriani JS1200
Ibanez RG320QRBB
Ibanez RG7321
Ibanez RG1820XGK
Ibanez RG1570MRB
Ibanez RG1520GBP
Kramer EVH
Gibson ES-335
Dean ML "Dean From Hell"
Jackson Kelly
Jackson DK2
Jackson Soloist (SL1)
Jackson Soloist (SL3)
Jackson SLH2 Soloist Custom USA
Jackson SL2 ML Spider And Brimstone Orange
Jackson Randy Rhoads (RR1, RR3, RR5)
Jackson King V With Thumbprint Graphic One Of A Kind Custom
Jackson King V 25th Aniversary (I played one at G.C yesterday)
Jackson DK2M (One Pickup Custom Made By Me In Photoshop)
B.C Rich Custom Made Warlock with the following items:

-EMG-81,60, and 85 Pickups
-Schaller Tuners
-Original Floyd Rose Bridge
-24 Frets
-"Eric Is ****in' Metal" Graphic
-Quilted Top With Blue/Black Fade
-Dunlop Strap Locks
-XXX Inlays With naked chick on the 12th fret

Gibson Les Paul Zakk Wylde Custom Shop
Jackson Randy Rhoads 25TH Aniversary Custom
Ibanez John Petrucci Picasso RG (1995)
Fender American Stratocaster With The Following Items

-24 Fret Neck
-DiMarzio Evolution Humbucker And Single Coils
-Strap Locks
-Locking Tuners
-Original Floyd Rose Bridge
-Quilt Top with blue flame graphics
-"Eric" for fret board inlays
-Fender emblem at 12th fret

G&L Rampage (Jerry Cantrell)
ESP M-2 Deluxe
ESP-Custom Viper
Kramer Beretta Standard
B.C Rich ST3

The list goes on....
A custom made ESP V, with green hot rod flames finish, and a Jackson Custom Rhoads with blue ghost flames (no pick gaurd, 24 frets, hotter pickups...)
ESP and Jackson Fanboy
Custom made guitar.

Shape based off of my current guitar (Star). Mahogany body, maple neck, ebony fretboard. Gloss black, but with a smooth finish, so the neck is very fast. EMG81/60 for lack of better pickup choices ATM. 6-inline headstock, with sperzel locking tuners. Kahler 2300 series trem (probably the brass/steel or steel/steel) trem and locknut (redundancy?). Black Earvana nut. 22 fret. 2-knob configuration with a 3-way SPDT switch for switching between pickups. It wouldn't be a switchcraft LP-style right-angle switch, those get ****ed up too easily. I'd want the one with 3 contacts on the rear and one on the side for GND, with all the mechanics sealed. I'd probably wire in a dual-battery box in series for 18v. I'd also throw in a killswitch, either via an SPST micromini switch mounted directly under the trem, or via a push/pull pot (pull position connects hot to GND).
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Signature Gibson les paul with:

Carved plain maple top with a vintage sunburst finish
Mahogny back and neck.
Angus young signature gibson pickup in the bridge
Classic '57 gibson humbucker in the neck
Extra toggle switch for coil splitting
Sperzel locking tuners
Tonepro locking T-O-M
Well, just to be like everyone else, here's my rig:

Fender American Stratocaster
Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Washburn J28SDL

Mesa/Boogie F-50 Combo
mine would be like a gibson les paul zakk wylde custom guitar ,but with the randy rhoads polka dot design on it instead of the bulls eye.
or an eddie van halen yellow and black stripes on it, that would be my dream guitar, I would also like to have the custom made randy rhoads flying v that randy rhoads actually owned, now that would be awsome.
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A 60's Telecaster Custom.
'59 telecaster artic white w/ maple fretboard and texas special pups and six-saddle bridge
or........ '50s strat daphne blue w/ maple fretboard and a seymour duncan hot rails in the bridge.
bc rich virgin 7 string (matte black)
dimarzio x2n7's (black)
floyd rose (black)
maple neck, ebony fingerboard
star inlays (mother of pearl)
1 volumn, 3 way switch
custom pickguard (black)
jolly roger graphic (mother of pearl)
reversed headstock
black hardware
Quote by Stiffy Maximus
bc rich virgin 7 string (matte black)
dimarzio x2n7's (black)
floyd rose (black)
maple neck, ebony fingerboard
star inlays (mother of pearl)
1 volumn, 3 way switch
custom pickguard (black)
jolly roger graphic (mother of pearl)
reversed headstock
black hardware

hmm...good choice dude, especially the DiMarzio's.
Totally unrealistically out of my price range: a Pensa MK1 Custom.
Realistically maybe one day: An SRV Signature Strat, minus the naff SRV scratch plate.
Hopefully within the next year: A bog stock American Strat or a '72 Re-issue Thinline Telecaster
Probably the same specs as my Ibanez S2170 Prestige..
Made In Japan,
24 frets,
and dimarzio pickups
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jackson dinky body, original floyd rose, emg 81 in the front, some super super clean single coil in the neck, neck-thru, 24 frets, black paint, and ebony fingerboard. awesome...

58' reissue

And a Jimmy Page signature.

Or an all natural american tele with a black pickgaurd.
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Quote by willpulman_172
Mine is probably a Jackson RR5. Or the ESP Alexi Laiho signature. Yeah, the ESP is my favourite.

you realise that there are 6 different ESP sigs (last time i counted off my ESP Catalogue for 2006)
#25 avenger body shape, mahogany, neck thru, 24 frets, grovers, floyd, EMG 81/85, 2 volume, 1 tone, 3 way toggle, ebony fretboard, custom black pearl Z inlays, white with a black Z in the middle of the body, black pearl binding, black chrome hardware,...that pretty much sums it up. needless to say it would be a schecter california custom shop.
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Gibson SG, black
Gibson Thunderbird
Explorer '58
Love, Peace 'N Rock to you all!
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You guys have NO IMAGINATION! My dream guitar is a custom Explorer:

- DiMarzio pick ups
- Gotoh tuners
- Schaller strap locks
- custom paint with a big fat pacing stripe along with the neck and trhough the body, mulitlayered bindings, jackson/ESP headstock style, creamy white finish and my initials in the headstock (DFS)
- Gibson 60s syle neck with 22 jumbo frets and custom inlays, I woun't draw them, but I know how I want them
- Mahogany body, maple top and back
- Maple neck with rosewood fretboard

And I'm getting one made within next year!

Gibson Les Paul Classic '05
JEH Custom Superstrat '07
Rickenbacker 480 '73
Marshall 6100LM head '95
Engl E412SS 4*12" cab '02
Line6 DL-4 '07
Ibanez TS9 '08
Dunlop Crybaby from hell '07
Boss CE-2 '79
Quote by lil-matee
what is a solo?
Quote by azn_guitarist25
you realise that there are 6 different ESP sigs (last time i counted off my ESP Catalogue for 2006)

What the Alexi Laiho model? I know, I mean the one on their site that says "LTD Alexi Signature '06", the one with the filled in stripes instead of just lines. Black with gold stripes....

Ah well I can dream can't I?
Mine would have to be a Gibson Supreme fitted with the EMG 81/85 combo, with a scalloped ebony fretboard, and a translucent navy blue with silver metallic flakes paint job.
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A more possible custom shop model
a Feline guitars (an english make, not very common) super strat style (black)
2 EMGs (85/81) and the EMG single coil in the middle
no 'plate
Oficial floyd rose
maple/rose wood bolt on neck, 24 frets, feline cats eye marker at 12th fret
killswitch instead of 2nd tone
reverse strat style headstock
unsure on the specifics
I'm hoping to get one of those ASAP it'll be about £1300 so i'll be saving for a long time
For my heavier influences, I'd like a Gibson Explorer fitted with EMG active pickups. Complete with some sort of custom paintjob incorporating a pin up girl from the 50's.

For my ligher stuff. Maybe a Gretsch Duo Jet with the TV Jones Pickups.
Fender Standard Telecaster (Sunburst Finish)
Washburn X-Series Electric (Black Finish)
Ibanez Electric-Acoustic (Black Finish)
Ariana Acoustic

Randall RX120D Halfstack
1) American Stratocaster, 3 tone sunburst, maple fretboard.

2) SG '61 Reissue, wine red.

3) Les Paul Standard heritage cherry
one of the jackson custom shop 25th anniversary Randy rhoads guitars. I think there was only a handful of those made.......
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Eric Johnson Stratocaster (2-Tone Sunburst)
Jackson SL1 USA Soloist (Silver Black Dragon)
Petrucci Seven String
Rainsong A-WS1000 Advance Series Graphite Acoustic-Electric


Peavey Triple XXX 120W Guitar Amp Head
8 Peavey Triple XXX 412 4x12 Guitar Cabinet Angled (Ted Nudgent, eat your heart out)


Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor Pedal
Boss GE-7 Equalizer Pedal
Vox V848 Clyde McCoy Wah Wah Pedal
MXR ZW-44 Wylde Overdrive Pedal
DigiTech JamMan Looper Pedal
Danelectro Free Speech Talk Box
Digital Music Ground Control Pro Foot Controller
SKB PS-45 Professional Pedalboard


Eventide DSP7000 Harmonizer
TC Electronic G Major Guitar Effects Processor
Rocktron Xpression Multi-Effects Processor

$$ Rough Total $$

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Well the one i want most at the moment is a gibson sg '61 reissue natural bursts and i would also like a Les paul standard honeyburst. Then probably a custom made one that woudl cost like 15.000 pounds. But at the moment mainly the les paul and sg
I would have a Gibson SG with EMGs (an endless supply so i can find the perfect tone with them), an ESP custom made EX.

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