Hi everyone,

I am looking at purchasing a Jackson DKMG from a friend. It is in an overall resonable condition, but it has a few problems with it. If you could provide any means of fixing these problems, or any solutions, I would be really thankfull. It's just that I don't want to buy it and then have major things go wrong that will cost me lots of $$$.

1) There are about 8 small paint chips off the guitar - varying in size from probably 10mm to maybe 80 mm. As the guitar is black, they stand out LOTS..... There are mostly just chips, but some are dings out of the wood. Is there anything I can do just to cover the chips, like with a black touch-up paint of some kind?

2) It has an LFR, and there is a bolt missing from one of the fine-tuners I think - the part where the string actually connects to the bridge. There are 6 bolts that are alost parallel with the fretboard, and one has a bolt missing. It is the bolt that holds the string in the groove of the bridge. (Sorry I can't name it for you ) Where can I get replacement parts from?

3) It is the version with the turbocharger - and the knob that controls the turbocharger is permanently up. The bolt looks to be not orignal and its loose and looks terrible. What can I do about that? Just a new bolt from a hardware store? Also the knobs are scratched to reveal silver underneath their black original colour. Where do I get those?? Ebay? Music store?

Thanks very much!

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1) touch up paint won't stand for close inspection
2) no idea
3) music stores usually sell pots
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