well, the Spider amp sucks. I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole. If you want digital effects, the bestestest processors are the Boss GT-8 and the Digitech GNX series. They're more expensive, though.

Check out the DigiTech RP series. Cheap n' cheerful.
well i've played through a line 6 spider combo and it was amazing. It had so many effects built right in, As long as you get the footswitch you can get 4 different channels, 4 diff. distortions,flange,phase or chorus. It's soo sweet.
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Well don't lsiten to him. Spiders ar ebad. Id reccomend a Vox Valvetronix or Roland cube.
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yeah that vox is good but i own a spyder and its broken down on me and really doesnt sound very good. Don't get it just because all the effects
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i got the vox a few days ago and couldnt be happier i was even thinking of getting a spider ii head glad i stuck with the vox