when i play with my JCM900 is sounds ****ing fantastic, but i just tried recording something and my tone sounded honky and pretty damn bad.

i'm using a computer microphone and no interface of anything. just mic straight to sound card and im using audacity to record.

do you guys know if this horrible tone is coming from the lack of good recording equipment or from the amp or recorded this are never the same as live.

check out the clip here at http://jpetrucci5655.dmusic.net/
the clip is the only one on there named aild.

this was my schecter damien 6 with a d-sonic in bridge throught boss CS-3 for compression and to overdrive on JCM. then miced. no double layering or whatever.

thanks all. i'm pretty worried about this as i won't have enough money to buy a second amp to record with. otherwise im lokoing at mesa f-50 and dsl50
Yeah, it always sounds crap with a basic mic and no interface.

If you wanna record stuff, I suggest getting one of those Zoom pocket digital recording things (can't remember what they're called...) and a half-decent mic for your amp. It's worth the money if you're gonna record stuff.

EDIT: I couldn't help noticing the fact that you're in france, so here's a site for you to look at:
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^ agreed on the decent mike bit. Shure sm57 is prettey simple and cheap, very good though.
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but is it gonna make it sound like i hear it live?

i mean if you checked out the clip, it sounds aweful, but when i play it, the notes sound compressed and clear, not 'buzzy" plus theres some sort of airiness to the sound that isnt there on say, killswitch engage albums. is all the just cause of my equipment?

if so, what's a pretty cheap way to get good results? meaning a list of things i need and suggestions

EDIT: thanks
The 57 is a really nice mic. Ive got one

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but how does it work? do you plug the mic into it and just hit record?

also i wouldn't be using my computer to record, right?

Basically, yeah. You can record ANYWHERE. And then you can connect the device to your computer to edit stuff
hahah you bet it will suck **** with a computer mic
just listen to my band recordings, we have no computer at our practise space so we recorded with an MP3 player with a computer mic attached to it.
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