Hey ive been playing for roughly 9 months now and i just wanna know how long it takes everyone to memorize solo's. I got down the solo's for like running with the devil, kryptonite (if u wanna call that a solo, lol) and ac/dc's highway to hell, but these are all pretty easy.

But now im looking at iron man, and the finger movements and positions just have a hard time sticking in my head

any thoughts or any strategies anyone uses to memorize them
I only use tabs if I'm really lazy.

For the challenge, I usually tab out my own music (and double check with other tabs to see I'm close to what the song should actually be).

If I use other people's tabs - it only takes me a day at most to memorize it.
If I tab my own - I usually memorize it by the time I finish tabbing it. (About a day or two, but I get more of the satisfaction that I'm not tone deaf)
what helps memoriziing a solo is remembering exactly how it sounds, that way, if you forget a note or 2 while you're playing it...just think of how it sounds and assume comes next, it works for me
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I know its tough...I roughly know 100 or so songs of the top of my head (I play lead in cover band) and have to solo or play lead in at least half of them. The trick is to:
A. know the songs like the back of your hand
B. go over the lead parts at least every other day for an active setlist
C. undersatnd the key of the solo or song thats being played.
I say that because even though you have to play a solo like its recorded...it helpfull to improvise a bit when you cant remember it note for note. I do that alot and it doesnt change the songs too much.
I know nothing in music theory, as well as can't name the notes on the fretboard off the top of my head, and i don't know any scales for that matter. But most scales have the same finger positions AFAIK. I memorize the song by heart, and when i'm playing my fingers just go where they need to. It's very similar for many of the solos I play, as they're either on the same scale, or the scales have similar finger positions.

god damn i sound like the biggest noob LOL