hey guys i guess i need a bit of help.
I have an aria bass but now i am out to buy a new bass.Which brand should i take.A washburn,an ibanez or fender(i can only afford the squire).
And i am also buying a 15 watt bass amp.I can afford laney amps.....are they any good?
Thanks in advance.
If you can only afford a Squire, I'm guessing you won't be getting a good Ibanez or Washburn either.

In that case, you would be better off not getting a new bass. Just stick with the Aria, and just buy the amp.
Quote by watchingmefall
Get a job, start saving, eventually you can buy a good amp. Most of your sound comes from the amp.

That is not true. Most of your sound comes from your fingers. I have heard guitar players say that all the time, but on bass, its different. Bass is all about having a clean tone, whereas a guitar amp will give you an overdriven tone and pretty much all of your tone.

Amps are for volume and EQ. EQ only highlights the tone your fingers and your instrument give you. The body of the bass contributes to tone, the neck woods, fingerboard woods, bridge, pickups, etc. However, your technique and the way you play is going to make your sound what it is. You arn't going to be able to sound great with only EQ.

To the threadstarter: What is your pricerange? What styles do you play?

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i agree with "watchingmefall" start saving man if a squiers the best "upgrade" then save more up and go to any music store and try out there selection it never hurts

(btw isnt an aria the bass cliff burton used as well as his rickenbacker)
Well, you really should give us more information (genre, price range, etc) as Incubus said, but I've always found those little <$200 basses pretty realiable for a while.
hey guys i am going to look at guitars today and i really want a new one.
I can't get a job(i'm just 14)
I can't save up either.
So well i think i am gonna get a washburn or squire eventually/
and well......my bugdet is like 12,000 rupees(i am indian).
that in dollars is um.......(american dollars)
its bassically 258 dollars(only for the guitar).