Hi, I'm not exactly sure if this goes here so sorry if I posted in the wrong place, but I'm joining the school band and I'm going to be playing bass. I've been playing for a while but only by tabs and I need to learn to read music for band. Does anyone know of any good sites that I could learn to read music for bass guitar (I looked it up on google), I don't have any money so I can't go out and buy a book .
This is one of those things you arn't going to develop over a few weeks. Teaching yourself to read can be tedius, but it is well worth it. If you can get lessons when you get more money, I strongly suggest it.


That should help get you started. I have a few tips that you really should try to follow when reading. First off, memorize every note name on every location of your fretboard. Know, for instance, that the 19th fret on the A string is an E. Next, learn the name of every note on the bass clef. Try to avoid things like "All Cows Eat Grass" (first space is an A, second a C, third a E, fouth a G), because they take away from concentration. If you have to say a rhyme every time you see a peice of music, it is slowing down your reading and not helping. Next, use one finger per fret and try to stay in 1st position to begin(index on 1st fret, middle on 2nd, ring on 3rd, pinky on 4th). Once you are able to interpert chord names (B7, Asus7, etc.) play using the 4 finger rule in those positions (for instance, if the chord was Bb7, then have your index finger on A, middle finger on Bb, ring on B, and pinky on C).

Once you get going, dont stop. Teaching yourself to read gets boring (trust me). I needed to take lessons in order to make it happen. I had a kind of ADD when it came to practicing reading. Either that or I would hop on a piano and cheat figuring out the notes. Just sit yourself down and cram. Good luck in band, and have fun

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