not bad man......at parts it sounded off put it was over all good...how long have u been playing???
That was pretty nice, some little mistakes but still it sound good. Btw what gear you used on the record.
lol sorry i didnt see i had but a7x in black metal. anyway i have been playing for 2 years and I used amplitube 1 with guitar tracks pro to record. My guitar is an epiphone g400
pretty good attempt!! you can make out the mistakes though, and did you tap those 12 to 20 gaps? just sounds like you did! the fast two string lick was wrong and the bends at the end sounded out of tune and time, but the rest was pretty mint! nice tone too

i have done a cover of this, its on my dmusic account in my sig! its only a one off attempt but see if you like!
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Sounded pretty good. A couple spots were off but nothing practicing couldn't fix. Good job.
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