Hey all,

I've seen Humbuckers in a form of Single Coil pickups....I was just wondering if they sound the same as "standard" humbuckers....?????

I'm planning on replaceing the bridge single with a hum-in single on my Strat!!! Is this a good thing to do, or I better put on a standard hum???

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what? post some pictures of what you mean
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what? post some pictures of what you mean

I think he wants to put a single coil sized humbucker such as a seymour duncan hotrail in the birdge of his strat,
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you're talking about stacked single coils right? They do sound closer to a humbucker, much less noise than single coils, but not quite the same girth as a humbucker. You also lose some of the qualities that make a single so good, so it's a tradeoff. If you have the room already(meaning it's routed for humbuckers), I would just go with a humbucker. The stacked singles are really good if your guitar isn't routed for a humbucker, and you would actually need to route wood to fit one.
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