Okay so I've got a Digitech GNX2 and if you look in the specifications you'll see that it has a MIDI in, thru, and out. There is some software that i would like to use called Gen Edit on that site. In order to use it, however, i need to run the MIDI into my computer. I have a laptop and there's no "midi in" anywhere on it. I was wondering if there was a cable that goes from "midi out" into a usb. Any help would be great.

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Never heard of such a cable, but I could be wrong.

You can get external sound cards though, which would give you the MIDI interface you're looking for.
actually, I just saw someone not too long ago that posted exactly that device, a midi to USB converter. Another option, if you laptop has a joystick port, that can also double as a midi interface on most sound cards. They sell the cables at most music stores. I used to have one for hooking up a Korg keyboard to trigger instruments in Cakewalk.

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