I'm looking at new guitars, seems like a lot of them put their volume knob in the way of the picking hand if you're palm-muting and hitting the higher strings. anyone else have issues with this, or just me? I'm guessing this isnt easy to change either.

volume in the way:

not as bad:

much better:

Another thing... does everyone use the same spot in the string for all their picking? I've found that picking closer to the neck sounds a bit warmer and not as harsh. So now I play all my rythm at the bridge and all my solos or careful picking near the neck. Is that weird? part of my choice for that is my pickups suck, so I'm nearly always on the bridge pickup (at least I think thats it, has the brightest tone and is the loudest), so moving the picking hand is the main way I change the tone.

should the volume of each pickup setting be close to the same? I have an old ibanez S/S/H setup with a 5-way switch and the first setting is quite a bit louder than the others.
I guess it's just how you play, dude. I don't usually PM the lower strings but even if I did I doubt the volume knob would get in the way for me.
on some of em they do seem like theyre in the way. but it could be a good thing. with the volume/tone knobs in the way, it could help teach you how to pick more conservatively.
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as for the volume knob reason y companies do that is for easy volume swells since most people either dont palm mute higher strings since it is harder and kinda pointless and if u do decide to do that then u can just extend ur finers out. shouldnt be a problem. as for the second question the bridge pickup should be a little louder on a clean setting mainly cause the neck pickup has a higher bass sound rather than a higher treble sound. hope that helped
And the thing about the where you pick on the strings, that is a very important acoustic technique and is useful in electric too. Completely changes the sound. Vai does it.
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if they're in the way, you need to seriously need to rethink how you play guitar.
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