I recorded this with the music running aside but my guitar playing clearly stands out. the sound quality is very harsh, im sorry about that. the part where you just play the D in a percussive manner didnt turn out very nice because i cant figure out how to mute the string correctly and quickly with no humming at the end.

Use your LEFT hand to mute as well as the right palmmute to stop the strings ringing.
Other than that its very good, sound quality is a bit rubbish but i cant blame you playing for that. How long have you been playing??
4 1/2 years. i do mute with both hands, i guess i just need to try harder. :>

thanks your comment.
try muting the strings with ur left hand. but make sure ur not doing it over a harmonic fret hehe
thanks for the crit
the playing itself sounds pretty good,but the recording quality is pretty bad, what is ur setup?
i might be able to help ya with something

and the muting thing is just a matter of hand placement, u might just feel like ur in the right spot but ur hand is a little too high or something letting one of the lower string ring. But if the recording were better it would be much more listenable, but the playing sounds good, are u just doing the lead guitar?

it practically spot on but as im listening that ringing from the mute is driving me nuts haha, i thnk itll be an easy fix
my setup is my ibanez 1570, ENGL thunder 50 and a headset microphone that i put in front of the amp. :p i have no idea howelse to record as i want to hear myself playing. if i plug the guitar directly into my pc line-in, i wont hear myself. i also have a zoom505 at my disposal that i would use for recording if i really have to. so tell me how to do it.

yes i am just playing the lead guitar, the rest is the actual song, basically for timing and cause it sounds better than just my guitar. ill figure out the muting thing tomorrow, i think i was muting over a harmonic fret with my left hand as viperdude said.

thanks for crit!
muting with the left hand at the first fret works out very well! anyone got hints on how to improve my recording quality without buying new equip?
well u could get a headphone line splitter and plug it directly into your comp, but the most professional way of recording is micing the amp, u can pick up a mic like a sm57 for 89.99 and it will sound great, and there may even be cheaper mics, but thats kind of an industry standard. Otherwise like i said u could split the headphone line send one to phones, and one to comp, thats the cheapest way
meh... muting needs some work
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i got that fixed now. but wont upload another version untill i get my recording quality fixed. and since it seems like im going to have to dish out some money, that may take a while.
sounds really good just needs more bass in your tones. The all palm muted part really sticks out so you gotta have it. The quick hammers and stuff were nailed perfect though. But you did fall off once early.
Hey there,
cover sounds alright, although sound quality is poor.

I use Audacity to record and I plug my 'phono to 3.5mm cable' into my amp (phono line out) and then the 3.5mm jack into the line in on my sound card. Then when recording have the output volume in the program around half-way and you should be able to use the headphones to hear yourself.
Hope this helps.

that was sweet dude.
you should double-track it and play the second guitar part
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