This is my first recording using new software. I normally use Adobe Audition but I wanted to try out Sonar 5 so, I am using that for this peice. It took me a while to figure out how to use it, simply because it dosent have a generic audio editor its all multi-track based, (if anyone knows that it has one - lemme know)

Anways I absoutley love the vocals on this peice.

www.aotime.com/fy/Come%20Back%20Home.mp3 -> BROADBAND QUALITY
www.aotime.com/fy/Come%20Back%20Home128.mp3 -> DIALUP Quality (Faster download)
you're pretty much my absolute favorite artist on here....you've got amazing quality for some dang beautiful songs....not to mention quality lyrics paired with a brilliant voice....dude how old are you? you're going places by the way.......if it is what you want which is what i assume by your website etc., you're definitely going places....

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Crit as I listen..

Great recording quality. Nice and clear.
Miced up accoustic! Always sounds better.. awesome.
Great vocals too. Am expecting some sort of octave shift soon, will be a tad dissapointed if one doesn't come up. Good changeup and little lead bits.

Hmmm, it seems it isn't going to come. Great progression and a very nice chilled out song with some good lyrics and very easy listening vocals. You really needed to jump up an octave for say the final verse/chorus. Would really take this song to the next level.

Maybe try dubbing in some harmonies or backing vocals?

While it's great in it's minimilstic form, it could be soo much more. An example is anythign from Dashboard Confessional's album called "The swiss army romance" Purely accoustic and vocals. You sound similar. For example the song "A plain Morning" uses the harmonies and backing in the chorus to emphasise and then throughout the second verse etc.

I'd love to hear your song with something similar.

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Hmm...i always love your stuff, and this is no different. Very mellow, soft, relaxing...i like it a lot. It'd be really cool if you had some harmonies or something in there, but it still sounds great. The only advice i can give is to maybe change it up once in there...add a bridge or something such.
Great job as usual...i don't have anything for you to crit back though, i just saw a new song of yours and wanted to listen because i like them so much.
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outstanding song. I really enjoyed that. Very good recording quality, helped the song immensely. You also have a very nice voice. I do agree, though, that an octave up shift would make this even better. I'd like to know if while singing at that pitch you have the kind of voice that would put chills down my spine, because that would make the song perfect.

crit 4 crit?
One of the best things ive heard in a long time, i love the minimalistic aproach, its refreshing nowadays. All i have to add is, thanks, for the really good song.
Sort your links out: they've died and I want to listen