Short ballad somewhat inspired by the awesome work of Stratwizard although its nothing like it in terms of anything! Any crit or comments much appreciated.

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First thing that strikes me is the chord progression, it's rather weird.

I like where the background is going at around 30 or so seconds in.

You're laying back at some points, but it fits the style (you are doing a ballad, after all). At some points the background and solo guitar don't always seem to go together. Some good ideas in the guitar.

The stuff around 2:10 has good potential.

Main things: a backing track with some light drums would help a lot. The chord choice in the intro is rather strange. Beyond that, the solo guitar sounds good for the most part.

On the second listen, the intro isn't as strange, though, so drastic changes aren't necessary, I don't think. I really like that chorus part.

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Crit as I listen -

Those guitar parts blend together perfectly. Lots of feeling in your playing. I love the progression and your lead is such a pleasure to listen to. The recording quality seems a little muffled with background noise. Maybe try and get that eliminated?

Love the lead melody at 1:30 but the rhythm at 1:50ish wasn't too crash hot. This really does sing to you without words. Well done dude.

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