so i was at a guitar course yesterday and the teacher played a few pieces on guitar which i thought were simply amazing. he'd play bass, rythm, brass and lead all at once. wondering if anyone knows of any artists that do this? are there tabs for this kind of playing (powertabs)?
what do u mean exactly? like he'd play the melody lines together or that he'd make the guitar sound like those instruments?
it's either fingerpicking guitar, or classical guitar (technically the only difference between the 2 styles is that fingerpicking is done with little plectrums attached to the right hand fingers (fingerpicks), and classical guitar is without those).

I'll name some kickass songs for you of which you should AT LEAST check out the tabs!

for fingerpicking check out Tommy Emmanuel,
some fingerpicking songs:
- Tommy Emmanuel - Day Tripper (really a showoff piece)
- Tommy Emmanuel - Classical Gas (it's a cover of the original listed below)

and for classical guitar check out, say, Harry Sacksioni.
some kickass classical guitar songs (each one of these is real good ):
- Harry Sacksioni - Meta Sequoia
- Harry Sacksioni - Jessa
- Mason Williams - Classical Gas
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YES tommy emmanuel was a name that was said right before he started playing, i couldnt remember that at all! thanks, and to clear up i meant that he was fingerpicking acoustic and that all the lines were running together..dont know how to describe it better than that! yea i love classical gas too
Tommy Emmaunuel is simply amazing. Try his stuff, he is the one of the best in the world.
Yeah he's amazing
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I actually just seen Don Ross play about a month and a half ago. Yeah he came to the smallest province in Canada for our jazz and blues festival, although he's not really either. Anyways it was incredible, the morning of his performance he gave a guitar sectional class to the general public with Ellen Macowaine(sorry if i spelled that wrong). He's probably the best guitarist i've ever see perform. I've attempted to try some of his peices out but most of it's just too complicated for tab.
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Geoff Achison. Exactly what you talking about. Find his website and check out his songs. It's worth it.
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