So I'm trying to learn a song by Dream Theater, called Panic Attack.
I could learn itby ear, but I'm lazy.
I found one tab for it, and when I started playing it didn't sound right.
I then realised the tab was for a Bb Eb Ab Db F Bb tuning.
I've looked everywhere, and asked lots of people I know, but no one knows.
Can anyone help?

Its tuned low. The low E string is tuned to B flat, the A string is tuned to E flat, the D string is tuned down to A flat, et cetera et cetera.

Its like standard open tuning, but down 5 semi-tones
I reckon its supposed to be played on a 7 string since the lowest string is usualy tuned to B. Your strings are gonna be flapping all over the place if you try tuning the E down to a Bb.

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looks to me like it should be played on a a 7 string tuned down a half step.

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or buy some realy heavey guague strings
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Doesn't seem that way. Otherwise, he'd be likely to use the high E in the solo, when he doesn't.
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