I just got an ec-400 and it just wont stay in tune, its not just the strings stretching anymore, the worst of them is G. just one full bend and its out quite a bit, anything after than and the string goes to about half a step down.. any ideas??
esp, ec and vipers are meant for larger gauge strings cause theyre metal guitars try like some ghs super boomers .11 those will really not let ur fiddle gooutta tune anymore
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Maybe you didn't tie your strings correctly.
There could be something wrong with your tuners or bridge.

Make observations and post them.
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make sure you wrap the strings aroud the post a lot i wrap the whole string around it does it have a tremelo? if so even if you have a locking nut the tremelo may not be returning to its original spot

theres my headstock and bridge, they're from my cell so they arent the best quality, but they seem fine.. maybe Ill just restring the problem ones