Ive been playin Everything Changes by staind without the Solo because Im just doin it on Accoustic...

But what do I play for chorus? Do i just keep up the same rythm and stuff like the Verse? I really have no clue what to play for the chorus.
i havent heard the song, but it sounds like its an electric song that youre converting to acoustic? just do what sounds good, but dont play the exact same rythm all the way through.
I wouldnt worry about sounding exactly like the song. Just do something interesting, or something that feels comfortable.
Please help me by reviewing my lyrics
the strumming pattern and chords are the same for the verse and the chorus
Thanks Tom....Flogrock the chorus of the song is mainly played with an electric so thats why I was askin.. I cant hear the accoustic in the chorus.. its a great song check it out...