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I was wondering if the Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff is a good choise for bass and a good pedal over-all. Ive searched and i havent found anything specific about the Little Big Muff. If it helps i like to play alot of Cliff burton stuff and i also like to experiment with my friends distortion so i beleive its time for me to get soemthing of my own.
The unfortunat thing is that none of my music stores have anything big muff related.

Thanks in Advance

Yes. Search as well.

and I've heard some bad things regarding the little big muff (connections and battery life apparently suck), so dish out the extra $10 for an american Muff.
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Quote by MetalUpTheAss
Yes, it's a very nice overdrive.

I thought it was, technically, a fuzz pedal?
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Quote by hatebreed219
I thought it was, technically, a fuzz pedal?

I believe it is, but it sounds more like an overdrive.
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