Ok I have a Marshall AVT100 combo for an amp, i was at band practice the other day and when i turned my master volume up to 8 the feedback was extremely loud whenever i stopped playing for even a second. Now i know a lot of people r just gunna tell me to get a new amp but im not looking at doin that. I was wondering if there was anything i could do to get rid of all this feedback. I'm not sure if this would work but i was thinking of buying a cab to make my amp louder then i wouldnt have to turn the volume as high which would get rid of the feedback. if neone has ne suggestions as to what i should do they would be greatly appreciated.

thanx in advance
noise suppresoor pedal
either the boss one or the ISP or w/e its called
i heard things about tying a rag around the headstock
what guitar do you have?
what pickups?
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Get a new amp x1000000000000.

BUT, if that is 150% out of the question, get a noise supressor. A Boss one should do you fine.
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