Hi everyone. I'm thinking about buying an electric guitar. I've been playing an acoustic for about a year and a half, so this would be my first electric.

I've been looking around and I think I've narrowed it down to the Ibanez S470 and the Ibanez RG1570.

I think the RG1570 would come with a case, but the S470 wouldn't.

I've never played an electric, but I think I'd like to play classic rock/hard rock and maybe some metal, so I want something that's versatile, and I think these two can definately both handle it.

Is it worth the extra money to buy the RG1570? Thanks in advance for your advice.


I can relate, heh heh. I've played my acoustic for just over a year and got my first electric several months ago. It's an Ibanez RG1570 and it is pretty versatile. And the tremolo system is pretty cool. I equipped mine with a tremol-no (about $75 w/tax) just incase I want to go drop d or anything. It has a nice smooth neck and you can slide across it pretty quickly. It's also got 24 frets...And I think it's an awesome guitar for the price and is perfect for your first or 5th guitar :-P
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If you've been playing acoustic for awhile then the thin necks of Ibanez might be a bother to you......i'd go with the S470 though because it's mahogony. If you want the 24 frets though you need to go with the RG.
I say S470 cos i'm in love with them :p
Plus the mahogany, the S series Trems (ZR) are apparently G-E-W-D gewd, and the necks are cool, the S470 has the versatility, the RG1570 seems more metal, though it does look hawt
Rg prestige > S series (korean) come on now, quality beat its and i got it too, and it just rocks your socks off!
Just an influence.
RG > S

-24 frets
-basswood > mahogany
-prestige MIJ

And the ZR trem isn't as good as everyone says it is. It is rather finnicky.
Shh, ZR trem is as good as anyone who used it says it is.

But yeah, Prestige RG wins over S unless you're positively in love with something about the S. Should you get the 1570, find someone who'll teach you to service your Floyd Rose, and you're set for a loooong time.
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Mikeman, don't you have a problem with foreign made guitars? Weren't you just making a huge deal in that oter thread about how foreign made guitars are "sub-par instruments" or some nonsense like that?

I smell a hypocrite.
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Go have someone who plays guitar (well) play both guitars for you.
Listen to the differnce..

Then feel around each guitars neck.
Also: Take a look at the music you are playing, if it is rooted in Shred and you need 24 go for the RG, if not, the S is probably just as good, if not better (I am a firm believer in wood over craftsmanship, you can have the best made guitar with ****ty wood and then play it next to a mediocre guitar with great wood and the second will sounds better)

PS: If you can't tell, I hate Basswood. Its better than Agathis, but it fails in comparision to Mahogany or Alder. Personally: I just bought an S2170FB Prestige, and it was a close call between that and an RG1570, and let me tell you, the Mahogany/Bubinga (ok, well just mahogany on your S) is far better than Basswood any day of the week.
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I may look into upgrading my S470DX to a 2170 oneday. just to see if prestige is really prestige

I love my machine. i may swap out my pups for more hotter versions one day though.

Sometimes i miss teh 24th fret. but i just bend up with the trem or the string so i dont miss it that much.

Anyone got an S7 though. i wish they made the ZR in ZR-7 if not, i may break a patent and cast one myself

I saw an old 540S7 in cardiff, id have bought it if i didnt have a huge dent ( like a metal ruler had been taken to it) and it didnt cost £899!!!

but yeah, the 470 is incredible. best buy i've had

may have to get a schecter the the RG1527 for my 7 string GAS atm.