I bought my daughter a guitar, and now need to find the best place to learn how to play. Is there a website online or is there something I should do for ease and simplicity of the learning process? I found this through a friend, and now am trying to break down how to get to beginner lessons. Any help out there?
as shes a complete beginner id take her to a tutor to get her started as the interaction with an actual person will be alot easier to learn than online lessons or looking up submitted lessons, until she knows the basics she wont be able to make a clear decision on which direction she wants to go. hope this helps
trigs is right.
it's best to have a real, live person teaching you.
this will get her off the ground, and when she's comfortable with her skills, and the tutor feels he's given all he's got, you can stop the lessons and she'll be able to teach herself from then on out.
man, I used this computer software called Emedia rock guitar method...if she likes rock, that is. I used that and i got really good. So, if she likes rock, use that. If not, then a teacher would probably be best
I'll second what trigs said. It's important for her to learn the correct habits right away, rather than waste time trying to figure things out on her own (the way I did). Having a teacher will help you learn at a much faster pace, as you'll have an experienced guitarist explaining how to practice, how to play, etc.
it depends on how old she is... because if shes still in elementary school or something its not that easy to learn with online lessons. when i learned playing i learned from a teacher for 3 months until i could play green day songs, then i was on my own.

i reccomend a teacher. if you cant get a teacher(or dont want to), get a lesson material with a video or DVD. lessons with just pictures are confusing, especially for kids. also, guitars for dummies was not good.
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