Hey, I'm interested in buying a classical Guitar. I mostly play electric and steel string acoustic but I have no idea of what a good, quality classical guitar is. Does anyone have any tips on types of guitars, things i want in a classical guitar, and don't want? How much is the price range for a complete beginner's guitar and if it's worth the hassle of saving up a bit now to buy a better one? How much do the betters one's cost? Thanks.
as with all guitars, classicals come in all price ranges, you can get a fairly inexpensive classical thats really nice but dont go too low. anything below $150 is gonna be crap, i got my yamaha classical from musicians friend for 200 and its really nice yamaha is a good. reliable brand, but there are always the guitars that cost in the thousands of dollars expecially in classicals but i havent tried many other brands so i cant say too much about many other kinds, my theory is to get a nice beginner guitar (not a junk one though) and take lessons because classical guitar althought is still a guitar, is different from steel string acoustic in the technique and posture and other kinds of things, if you want to play it correctly have good classical technique and make it sound good,get lessons and go ahead and get a nice but inexpensive one and if you like classical, later on you can get a more expensive one. Yamaha's nice, my teacher has an old washburn just try some out and see what you like
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