Do you guys store your accoustic, classical nylon string guitars on stands, or in the case? I play mine about every day, if I can.
I just came from Muscian's friend, and bought a 4.99 stand for my son's electric guitar, and my Yamaha accoustic also fits on it. I was wondering if I shouldn't go back tomorrow, and buy another stand, for my Yamaha?

YES it is a great idea my use to just sit around so yea i bought one they r great!!
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Id say go get the stand, i have an acoustic and an electric and neither of them see their cases unless i have to take them somewhere.
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get a stand. So much easier than having to get your guitar out of its case eveytime you want to play it. I also find that if i can see my guitar i always want to pick it up and play it.
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I'll go by Musician's Friend Clearance Store and get one for 4.99. I know my son's electric guitar doesn't ever see it's case, and he plays the heck out of it, when it's on the stand. For 4.99 it's a bargain. Our other guitar stands are worthless.

I'm more apt to play to play it if it's out. I like to look at both my son's dean electric, and my Yamaha. (Though, the one I'm eyeing is, I think a Martin, with the rose inlaid up the neck, it's at Musician's friend, and it's too high to get a look at the price.)

I'd easily buy a stand, except, there isnt space in my room for it, during the day I keep my guitar on my bed, and i put in the case at night.