I love this song so I thought I'd take a stab at the intro and eventually learn the whole thing. Right now just the intro though. I started learning it like yesterday and it's a little on the rough side, but I figured I'd get some opinions on what needs improving. So let's hear 'em.

Also, I used my TubeScreamer and the overdrive on my amp for a cool distortion. I don't even need my Big Muff anymore, haha.

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I think you need to just let your picking be a lil' more relaxed. It seems like you kind of rushed and had stiff picking for the r&b type licks. If you let it flow and move with it you will start hearing a difference.

Also, the tone was a tad bit harsh, maybe try it clean and you'll like it better.

Other than those two things, good job! That's an excellent song, one I'm looking to cover soon too!
Hey. Nice job. I dont wanna be to harsh but you know sometimes when you try to make something your own(im not sure if thats what u were trying to do but im just assuming) and it doesn't really work out. well yeah thats kinda what happened but im totally diggin the blues at the end. as someone else has stated, loosen up ur picking. Ive also covered this song cause i lvoe all of jimi's work but yeah. Improve and youl bee spectacular and btw how long you been playin?If you wouldnt mind would u give me a crit http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=422390