The American diagnosis,
Corporate hypnosis.
Overdosed on synthetics,
And broken genetics.

War is the addiction,
The authoritarian affliction.
A nuclear fate,
In the press of a button,
Patriotic hate,
Leads to self-destruction.

A system of ego,
Disconnection from the eco.

Testosterone emissions,
Messing up,
The atmospheric conditions.

Too much yang,
And not enough yin,
War is patriotic,
But planting seeds is a sin.

Missile ejaculation,
And wealth concentration.
A corporate plutocracy,
Disguised as democracy,
A theocratic hypocrisy.

Capitalize on fear,
Hate engineering,
Hijacked elections,
And war profiteering.

Genetically altered food,
And pesticide plantations.
Were breathing in crude,
And selling the air to corporations!

Selling farmers the seeds,
That dont reproduce.
Which cant meet their needs,
So they look towards the noose.

Corporate CEOs,
Rearranging my genetics,
With their GMOs.
The evolution of slavery,
Is patents on clones.

Cancer breeds consumption,
Like authority breeds corruption.