so i wrote a nice lil chord prog today.. and i was wondering.. what exactly does it mean?


Dsus 4, D, Dsus 2, Em7, Asus4, Asus2, A

and then the chorus is:

Am, C, Gm, Fmaj9 (no 3rd)

..so if anyone could tell me what kind of relation those chords have or what scale i should use to lead over those.. well i would be most appreciative.
The first part is most decidedly in Dmajor (D E F# G A B C#). You are using the I, ii, and V chords, a very common set.

The chorus appears to center around Aminor (A B C D E F G). However, G is a major chord in Aminor, so you can change it to that. I like it with Gminor, as you have it. Your choice.
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so basicly id want a minor scale lead that fits around Dm and Am?


yeah im using the Gm and Fmaj9-3 barred on 3 and then its just the two frets on D n A (Gm) and then switched to G n B (Fmaj9).. i like it alot.. theres also a bit of pulling off in some of the changes.
NOT D MINOR! D major...

You would have to do scale switching... Dmajor over the verses (whatever that first set of chords is), Aminor over the choruses. There's no "scale lead that fits around" two keys... keys are scales... There won't be one scale that fits both Dmajor and Aminor---they themselves are scales, and different ones at that.
Looking for my India/Django.