I was at guitar center today and I saw a black MIJ RG with an HSH pup setup. It had an LFR (i didnt know they had LFRs on Ibanezs) and the serial number was F98 30752. I didnt get a chance to play it, but does anyone know what model it was?
From a website:

1997 - Present - Under the old numbering scheme 1997 would show duplicate numbers to 1987 so the serial number was changed to the F and 7 digits, now the first 2 denoting year of production. F98***** is a guitar built by Fujigen in 1998. The last 5 digits continue as a consecutive production count for the year.

Not helpful with regard to what model it is, but feh.
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What color does it have? There's a high chance that it'd be a RG570. Does it have maple fretboard and a pickguard?
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