I'm pretty into metal (mainly metalcore, death metal, nu-metal) and my friend has this 7-string guitar he wants to sell, a Jackson DR7 for about $400 (cost him $800-is). Since, from what I can see, quite a lot of the bands that I like use 7-string guitars I have been considering getting this one to start off with.

Should I get a 6-string or a 7-string? And is it preferrable to get new vs. old (I am living in MEXICO, so getting a good-priced guitar might be hard)? Some other guys around here are selling their guitars.

Thanks in advance.
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If you plan to use the 7th string alot then get it

Most bands (of your stated genres) use 6 strings tuned down to Drop C and so on.

It's up to you but unless youre gonna play ALOT of songs that require 7 strings you're better off with a 6.
Don't get it. Even in Mexico, you can find a better quality six-string for $400. And as soul taker above me said, most of your favorite metal bands have six strings that are tuned down.
I would'nt if your just starting to play guitar.
If you've played for awhile and are tired of 6 strings, THEN i would recommend it.
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my first guitar was an ibanez gio 7 string and I had no prod with it...so I say buy it...learning with a seven string makes your finger more wide and since it`ll be harder to play 6 string song it`ll make you even better
u liek metal right and most SOAD and Korn and disturbed use the 7-string so if u want to play them then buy this guitar and do so.
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It's not the one I posted about, it's a DR7 (don't think they're in production anymore), some of my friends have told me it sounds good (I personally have no idea) but they haven't owned a lot of guitars so...

SOAD will probably be one of the bands I will play the most, Korn, Slipknot, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Dream Theater not far behind.

Why is it hard to play 6-string songs on a 7-string guitar? Does the 7th string affect difficulty noticeably?
If you dont know why the 7th string is there, and what its there to do, then you should NOT get one just becuase the bands you like use them.

For the record, trivium and killswitch both use 6 strings.

trivium play in D, and killswitch plays in C
it might make it fun. and it's a whole lot easier than constantly retuning. i have experience with that.
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Just to correct something in this topic.. SOAD plays drop C (now drop Db), Shavo uses a 4 string and Daron uses a 6 string.