I've been messing around w/ a POD XT trying to get a DECENT recording tone. Can anyone give any feedback on the following:

Check out "POD Rock"

Thanks. I just wanna know if i'm on the right path.

the POD recordings kind of lack bite. They are really muffled sounding

ive been messing with pod sounds in recording demos and stuff with my band and with our producer, and ive learned a few things about recording with a pod.

Try using less gain. More presence, and mess alot with the mic and cab settings. YOu shoudl play with recording the same rythem twice, using a lower gain, really bitey sound, and one with a smoother tone, and mix them together. You have tons of options and amp choices, try messing with the ones you would never even look twice at or play at a music store. You'd be surprised at what you can do with them.

good luck,

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