Hey guys, This is my First Cover. Sorry no drums or bass or vocals. Just guitar. My friend turned me onto dethklok and he suggested I give it a shot at recording this. He thinks it's awesome. I'm think it's pretty good considering he rushed me all day to learn it and then record it. But enough about my thoughts, I need you! Fellow Guitarist's Opinions on this. have fun listening and Thanks in Advance.


EDIT: I tried to do some doudle tracking on the rythem and the solo it's not very good, but bare with it.
The rhythm guitar is pretty good, considering you just learned it. It could be tighter, but I'm sure you'll get that soon enough.

Your lead work wasn't bad, but it sounded out of tune, a bit rushed, and it could also be a little tighter.

All in all, this was pretty good and I'm sure you could clean it up easily if you wanted to.
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Sounded pretty good. Get a backing track somehow!
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so funny

u did good with it just about evey thing terrence said
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