Hey ther i avnt been on here for ages. Ive been making good progress but as usual ive hit a wall.

Im having problems playing what i want over chords. I can play small riffs tht sound okay over a chord progression but i want to kno how to make faster, longer riffs fit into the progression without it sounding wrong.

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To really diversify your sound is tough sometimes... My advice would be to learn all the positions of your scales, and just be creative. Really, it comes down to creativity with the intervals you choose. If you're going for a longer run kind of thing, you can just find/create 3 nps patterns through a scale, ending on something interesting such as the 2 or 5. You can also look up fun, good-sounding licks (www.myguitarsolo.com has great ones) and integrate them into your solo.

EDIT: Oh, and learn to arppegiate. =)
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Long riffs are just a bunch of short riffs put together one after another. Get a little 'book' of short phrases together, and then string them together properly over a progression (starting/ending on chord tones, etc). Figure out which ones you can use and where.

Most of us tend to think in really really small note groups when putting a solo together, 5-10 notes, sometimes less.
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