Alright, I've been playing for 3 years now (mostly classic rock/blues/metal), and I have this beginners setup, the cheapest I could get, you know, just for playing (I don't have a lot of money), but since I'm going to the U.S next month I'll try to get a new guitar. I play a Squier California Strat with a Laney HCM10 (I know, crappy amp, but if I have leftover money I'll buy a new one here), and I want to upgrade them. I've got about $600, but if needed I can add a few more bucks. I won't be able to get a new amp because they're too heavy and I have to pay more to bring them here. I would like some reccomendations on what to get, so far I believe my best choices are the Epiphone Standard Les Paul or the Gibson SG Special Faded. If you know any better guitar in the $0 - $600 price range, let me know

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you could possibly try to get a b.c. rich and i know what a lot of people are thinking but i got one a while ago (started with just a regular bronze series) but i think it is an amazing guitar so you can all now start disagreeing with me but that is my own personal opinion
Some of the Gibson faded series guitars can be nice, but you really have to try before buying, since the quality varies from guitar to guitar.