after i put on all of the strings i tried tuning the low E string and the tuning peg wont turn . I think there is too much tension or something it feels like something is about to snap if i turned it anymore. any help? if it means something i am using Medium (56-13) polyweb elixers
You didnt wind the string around the peg in the wrong direction did you? The string should come up the inner side of the tuning peg and wrap around towards the outside of the peg.
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take the string off and try again

it might be a faulty string (wrong thickness)

if you try it again and it still doesn't work take it back to the shop - they'll replace it
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Wierd, I had exactly this problem just the other day, I was using 009's on my G&L legacy and then I put a set of 011's on, but I couldn't tighten the high E string enough to get it in tune, so I ended up putting a spare E string from a set of 009's on, mind you the guitar sounds fantastic now with the 011's on. I guess I'll have to get a new tuner at some point too.
First of all, tuning 13s to standard is pretty tough, its well suited for drop tuning, maybe thats your problem. Another thing is, your method on stringing, for 56, you should have at least 1-2 winds around the peg as opposed to 3 on normal 46 coz its larger.
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Did you not give it enough slack? Perhaps thats the problem. I read you arn't new to changing strings so it seems unlikely. That's all I can think of, other than the string thickness is an issue (13's?), but that has been mentioned.

Hope you can work it out.
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