I have a Gibson Les Paul, its a 74, but it has two alcino silver pickups, i heard somewhere that if you cut off the covering so you just have the humbuckers, it gives you a better sound, is this true, i know Jimmy Page did it, but i want to know should i stay with the pickups i have, and or buy black humbuckers, and put them in like some les pauls, please someone help, high school starts in a week and i want to sound really good in jazz band
I don't think you can say that taking the covers makes it sound "better," it just makes the pickups sound a little different. I think they become a little hotter. I don't know what you mean by black humbuckers, maybe EMGs. Those are high output pickups, usually used for metal, i dunno how they would work with jazz.
They are pretty easy to take off, as long as your decent with a soldering iron. And you shouldn't have to buy anything new. Do you have any pics? Sounds awesome. I'm going to be a freshman joining jazz too. Co-inky-dink. BTW I'd leave the cover on your neck pup, for a more jazzy sound.
Ok, no matter whether they have the "silver cover" or not, they're all humbuckers.

The "black" humbuckers you are referring to are just known as "open coil" humbuckers because they do not have the covers.

Some might argue that the covers will rob the pickup of some clarity, but in most cases, it's a very very minimal difference.

From the way you are talking of your pups, I highly doubt you have any idea what you want, or really what you're talking about. If you have a Gibson Les Paul from '74, chances are those pickups in it are just fine. Leave them there.

And in the meantime, educate yourself on different styles and kinds of pickups. That way, in the future you'll know exactly what you want to achieve with a pup swap and will have enough background knowledge to make a good decision.
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