I'm a big fan of instrumentals by rock bands.

Stuff like Jade's Song (Badlands), Midsummer's Daydream and Fantasy Serenade by Rik Emmett of Triumph, Mood for a Day by Steve Howe, etc.

If you know of any other instrumentals you can recommend, please let me know.

Thanx in advance,
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Midnight Moodies- Joe Walsh
One Of These Days- Pink Floyd
Clap- Yes
La Villa Strangiato- Yes
Asshtonpark- James Gang
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed- Allman Bros.
Any Colour You Like- Pink Floyd

yeah, that's a good start
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I'm not sure if you can classify The Ventures as classic rock, but just about everything they did was an instrumental cover of a song, no lyrics at all.
Since you like Mood for a Day, conside Horizons by Steve Hackett.

Another favorite is Red by King Crimson. (If you want to hear a cover, search the riffs & recordings forums. Asomodai did a very good cover of it a while back).
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