so i don't think i've ever actually heard a stevie cd or song. But i've heard several people, whose opinions on music I respect make mention of him, so my question is this. If I were to buy a stevie ray vaughn cd, (and I am going to), what cd would you suggest I pick up.
Texas Flood or Couldn't Stand the Weather

Or you could just get The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan
I'd go with a live cd or dvd like live at montreux or from Austin, TX
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texas flood is classic
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Austin City Limits is an awsome DVD. Texas Flood is probably the best to start with in terms of CD's. If you want to check him out before buying there are alot of videos of him on youtube. Try that see what you think.
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texas flood is his best cd its about one rank above his others but every single cd of his is great, also look at live dvds cause its amazing to watch him play
and a suggestion listen to his remake of little wing which is a hendrix song he does an amazing job
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Maybe start with a greatest hits.
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Quote by grungerawker
Maybe start with a greatest hits.

^^no harm in that. my parents got the greatest hits of SRV and thats how i got into him. also you could go on youtube.com, search his stuff and see what you like and find the album that has the songs you like. but his live stuff is better than studio imo so you might want to get a live cd.
I'd get the essential SRV.
If you don't like greatest hits though, get Texas Flood.
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