Okay, I've read TAB all my life, and I can broaden my selection by learning to read from the notes. There is sheet music for everything and a limited selecting from guitar tabs. Are there any sites that have lessons or things to get me going?
Thank you.
Berklee Modern Method For Guitar series
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I saw a bunch of music for guitar in notes at a book store. Why don't you try learning a new instrument. I play trumpet
I play five instruments. I don't need to learn another one right now. Just focusing on guitar.
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Berklee Modern Method For Guitar series


It's the only book I can legally recommend for learning to read standard notation for guitar.
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you can download the note reader

it'll show you some notes and you have to name them

it's a little helpfull ...
get POWER TAB EDITOR 1.7 or GUITAR PRO they have helped me a lot!!
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