we are a metal band from canada we havent had any luck deciding on a band name? so why not ask fellow musicians.
we have some names for you to look at.

- the sacred
- of sin and sorrow
- objects in mirror (are closer than they appear)
- decptacocks

i know it may seem hard to vote for a name without hearing the band so.. you can add me on msn at Obsidian00193@shaw.ca to hear our band. also if you could please send an e-mail to the above address to vote it would be greatly appreciated
If you want me to pick from these names, I would say Of Sin And Sorrow. But a name I would suggest is Spectrum. Good lUck on findin a name
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There's a sticky thread specifically for this... I would try there.
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objects in mirror (are closer than they appear) is one of the best names ive ever heard for a band. (or a song possibly)
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the devil's foreskin
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