awsome stuff dude ur an awsome singer...can u plz give me some tips on singing??? pm me plz
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Hey man, you have an awesome voice. I took the liberty of listening to some of your covers (I didn't really like your Layne Stanley but I could tell there was a good voice behind it) and you definitely have vocal talent. Have you had any training?
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that was good, but you have a little trouble with those higher notes. Still an excellent cover though.
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The vocal style on this song is a little different than your other ones. You had a little trouble with the higher notes like mingles said but other than that the whole thing was flawless. Great job dude.
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thanx for lsitenin guys...!!.....no I havent really had any traingin...!!!...........but Ive always enjoyed singing since I was little....!!!......either way....its cool....im gald u guys liked it...!!......Keep rockin.......PEAC EOUT
omg dude! thats amazing...seriously..10/10...and I saw your nutshell cover ..equally awesome 10/10 there I love you
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