I am in the process of getting a recording setup going and was wondering if using my home theater surround sound (5.1) would be decent to use as monitors? Also, would it be better to have a setup in a large room or a smaller room in general?
are you mixing in surround sound or just in stereo? i dont really see the point in using surround sound if you are just mixing in stereo, but thats just my opinion. if the speakers are high enough quality and have some decent response then you should be fine. obviously wont work as well as moniter speakers made for monitering and mixing, but im sure they would probably work well enough.
i cant answer your first question, but IMO it would be better in a larger room, just because you'll probally need the space.

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No, I will be mixing in mono, maybe stereo. Just wondering on what will sound decent enough to use as monitors. Monitors are a bit expensive and would like to be able to use them for other things. Do monitors sound great for listening to music or playing games with? How is the bass response compared to a 5.1 computer package with sub?
You;ve missed the point of monitors. They are not meant to sound fantastic. they are meant to sound real. if you play a great sounding song through them, they will sound great. if you play a ****ty overcompressed mp3 on them, you'll notice how crappy they really are. regular speakers, especially ones like the ones you are talking about are meant to make things sound as good as possible, even if they arent actaully all that great. so you'll think your mixes are awesome, and then when someone with average speakers plays it, they'll hear it pretty crappy. pretty much the point of monitors are to be completely unbiased and give you the truest representation of your mix. get real monitors, or use average everyday speakers, not super high quality speakers. also, no one does mono guy, come on.

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